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Egrets Photo, by Paul Duddy

Photo given by Paul Duddy

Resilience is relational. Resilient communities are caring communities, where people care about all of the beings in their community. In the Alliance for the (CT) Mystic River Watershed, we learn together about this beautiful place, we learn about how the past influences the present, and that whatever we do on the land ends up affecting the water. A sense of shared purpose is emerging that sparkles with different insights and perspectives. Our relationships as allies in the endeavor to enhance and extend life in our whole watershed community brings both joy and hope through action. No one is resilient alone. We are only as resilient as the strength of our relationships.

Alliance Gatherings

Click on any image below to learn more about our Gatherings 1-4.

What is a Gathering?

*A gathering up of people who live, work, play, and care here in the Mystic River Watershed

*A gathering up of strengths and expertise

*Each gathering has a place-based learning opportunity

*The Alliance doing what the Alliance does: new research coalitions and opportunities; deepening understanding and awareness across cultures; injustices remedied...

*A gathering of hope and revitalizing energy

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