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Some of the images shared in the River Love Virtual Art Show in August 2023. 

The Mystic River Watershed is essential to our well-being in SE Connecticut.  The waters span from Swantown Hill in North Stonington to Long Island Sound. On the way, they pass through Mashantucket and Eastern Pequot Tribal lands, Ledyard, Stonington, and Groton, and drain hillsides around the lakes pictured here through the Lantern Hill Valley plains on into the Mystic River Estuary, Noank Harbor, and the Long Island Sound. 

The interrelated components and species of the watershed are essential to the health of the ecosystems, their wildlife, and us. We all play a critical part in helping protect the Mystic River Watershed. We invite you to share photos of your part of the watershed with us.


We are looking forward to seeing your pictures!

The Mystic River Watershed is a special place. We invite you to share your photos memories with us so we can spread awareness about this vital watershed. Please email

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