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Mystic, CT
Photo given by Maggie Favretti

Allied Nations and Towns in the Mystic River Watershed

Eastern Pequot Tribal Nation
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
Groton, CT
Town of North Stonington
Town of Stonington

We Believe that...

*resilient communities involve everyone in the shared purpose of collective well-being. 
*a culture of collaboration, connected by our
beloved waters, makes us all stronger.
*we have a lot to learn from our river and watershed
*it is our responsibility to be good neighbors and good ancestors

What does it mean to be an Ally?
You or your organizations are ready to commit expertise, time, space, and/or money to working together across boundaries to protect and restore life in and around the Mystic River, from headwaters to the Sound, for the benefit of all life.

What do we mean by "our" watershed?

To be clear, when we say "our" watershed, we are not saying we own it.  In this Alliance, we use "our" the way would say, "our family."  We hope to care for the watershed and all who live in it with the same concern and dedication we would use to care for our immediate family. 

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