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Pulling Together

To be clear, when we say "our" watershed, we are not saying we own it.  In this Alliance, we use "our" the way we would say, "our family."  We hope to care for the watershed and all who live in it with the same concern and dedication we would use to care for our immediate family.   

A watershed is a place where all waters flow downhill to collect in the same body of water.  The Mystic River Watershed drains the land from north of Lantern Hill all the way to Long Island Sound. There are six jurisdictions here: Mashantucket and Eastern Pequot Tribal Nations, as well as the towns of Ledyard, North Stonington, Stonington, and Groton. The boundaries inherited from the colonial era do not reflect natural ecosystems or ecological networks, so when we are addressing watershed-wide issues like sea level rise, inland flooding, or pollution, there is no possible way to succeed without pulling together.  No being or community is resilient alone. 

SHS Bears Rowing | Alliance for the Mystic River Watershed

Photo given by Paul Duddy

The Four Resilience Focus Areas:

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