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Since the 1990s, Alewife populations have dropped 99.7%

They're Here! Welcome Home!

Key Dates: 

NE Fisheries Management Council meets to hear public comment, from 6-8pm in Webinar format, April 22. Register here 

April 29, deadline for written testimony.

Maggie's is here, to use for a template. Make it your own!

 Learn more about River Herring Rebound in Maine! 

Click here for information about Amendment 10 and

Information about the Herring Crisis from Cape Cod's Commercial Fisheries.

Want to help count? 

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Where To Go:

Before proceeding, you must click here to sign the waiver form!


Once you  sign the waiver, a  Link pops up to sign up for times, along with further directions!

Water Temp:


Enter Your Data:
If using a phone, we recommend the Survey 123 App! 

Use This Link On a Computer: 

Leaving the Lot:

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