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We're Hiring!

Updated: Jun 8

Are you looking for work that matches your principles?

Do you need part-time work or work that you can do largely from home?

We’re Hiring!! 

Imagine if your work matched your passion for learning and collaboration to care for our environment and our communities…. 

We have TWO part-time jobs!! Learn more at

The Alliance for the Mystic River Watershed is a rapidly growing organization representing four towns and two Tribal Nations who are collaborating to improve the ecological health and climate resilience of all of our communities during this challenging time. We energize the collective power of our communities to engage in learning, stewardship, and planning together.

In one year, we have grown to over 250 individual allies and nearly 50 organizational ones. We are creating a Watershed Resilience Action Plan, a living document that will embody the best of community-led data-gathering, goal-setting, regional planning, and local commitments. In our first year, we earned close to $300,000 worth of grants: to study the inland half of the Watershed, do youth-centered community co-design, and to hire you!

Our two part-time positions are  20-hour per week Administrative Director ($44/hour) on the Executive Director pathway, and a 15-hour per week Grant Manager position ($55/hour) for the federal grant.

 If you are hired for both, you will be working 35 hours per week, and will be required to keep very careful records to separate your time spent working for the federal grant from the time you spend working for the Alliance generally.

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