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UCONN Climate Corps Advances Alliance Projects

Updated: May 11

This past spring, the Alliance teamed up with three dynamic students from the University of Connecticut's Climate Corps - an academic program at UConn that is centered on workforce development and service learning connected to climate change adaptation at the local, community level.

Christopher Fan, Paige Booth, and Erin Heslop (view their bios on our Team page) each devoted hours this past spring semester working on projects that combined Alliance priorities with their own passions.

Watershed Assessment Tool

Christopher Fan, who is majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Geographic Information Science (GIS), performed a thorough study of the relationship between water quality and land use within the Mystic River Watershed using UConn CLEAR's new watershed assessment tool. The final product - his big picture Watershed Assessment - is already being used as a basis for grant applications and vulnerability studies. Thank you, Chris!

Nature Observations App

Erin Heslop, a junior at UConn, worked with The Alliance to develop an App that would take stories and observations into consideration, not just numbers. an App like this helps the Alliance gather data from community members on changes they are seeing in their local environments. Students from local schools will be building out the Notable Nature (observations) App that Erin Heslop developed using ArcGIS Survey123. Thank you, Erin!

Resilient Business Consortium

Paige Booth, majoring in Environmental Science, connected with local Mystic business to engage them on their needs within the Watershed. Her study helped launch the Resilient Business Consortium. Their work will move us toward our resilience goals for a safe Mystic. Thank you, Paige!

Many thanks to Juliana Barrett and Renata Bertotti of UConn for including us in this important program!

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