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Please Share Your Clams

Please help us fund the well-being of our Watershed! Help us raise 50,000 clams!

It costs nothing to care, and it’s free to be in the Alliance, but accomplishing our mission requires funding!

We need a database to manage, curate, explain, and share our Watershed Inventory. We need maps and visuals. A Watershed Resiliency Plan requires detailed analysis as well as story-gathering. Some vulnerable areas of the Watershed require hiring experts to defend them.

The Annual Charter Oak Bank Matching Challenge is here again!! Do you bank at Charter Oak? Here’s how you can double your donation.

We are a totally volunteer 501(c)(3), so 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes toward supporting life in the Mystic River Watershed. If we raise $50,000 between now and the end of November, we won't have to continue the campaign!! We are building a community connected by our shared waters. How do you want to be a part of it?

Be a Foundational Donor by joining the Osprey Circle! Or, be an Oyster, small but powerful when taken together. Whether you share 5,000 or 5, in our healthy ecosystem, every little bit counts and nothing is wasted.

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