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Leaping Upstream Thanks to You

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

They say it can't be done. Non-profit experts agree that a new organization like the Alliance for the Mystic River Watershed, which has only been around for 6 months and doesn't charge a membership fee, won't be able to raise $50,000 clams in its first fund-raising season. With your networks and ideas, and dare I say your clams, we aim to prove them wrong.

Thanks to the donors who are charting the course, we met our match challenge and raised over $10,000 in just one Giving day!! Special thanks go to River Herring Level donors Emily & Jim Mcdonald, Tom & Candy Sanford, Maggie Favretti & Paul Duddy, Betsy & Bob Graham, Lynne Marshall & John Harland, and Beth & Richard Smith, who helped us surge upstream. And if you take all of the Oyster and Heron Level Donations together, they match up strongly, carrying us along with shared purpose and joy. Thank you!

There is work to be done and now we are optimistic that we will be able to do it:

*People young and old are yearning to learn and engage together in improving the quality

of our waters, and in helping native species (ourselves alongside!) to thrive.

*People want to understand and choose our options to stay safe as the ocean rises, air

heats up, and both rainy and dry periods get more intense.

Let's keep swimming together! We can do this!

With gratitude and hearty wishes for peace and well-being for you and yours.

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