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"Rivers are the veins of the Earth through which the lifeblood returns to the heart." 

-Roderick Haig-Brown

Photo given by Tara King-Clark

The "Mystic" is a recent name.
Missi-tuck has been around since before the Pequots named and loved him, since before the Pequots were brutally murdered and hunted, and the survivors divided with the intention of physical and cultural genocide. 
The Mystic now flows through the unceded lands of the Mashuntucket and Eastern Pequots, whose friendship and participation in this Alliance honors the rest of us as we hope to honor them.

Our Mission

To keep all of the inhabitants of CT's Mystic River Watershed safe and flourishing during this period of intensifying climate change, we will:

  1. Expand citizen participation in community decision making;

  2. Collaborate around the river to inform and support citizen and government efforts to reduce risks from climate change impacts;

  3. Advocate for climate-smart development and resilient communities

  4. Promote youth and school involvement through stewardship, citizen science and civic engagement.

No upcoming events at the moment

Postponed til 9/17

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