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United by our desire to share in caring for our communities and the land and water that supports them.

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And support our ability to keep pulling in grant funding to the region ($275,000 so far). 
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"Rivers are the veins of the Earth through which the lifeblood returns to the heart."                     -Roderick Haig-Brown

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Will you be part of the action?

The "Mystic"
is a recent name.

Missi-tuck has been around since before the Pequots named and loved her. The Mystic River and the upstream lakes, streams and brooks flow through the unceded lands of the Mashuntucket and Eastern Pequots, whose friendship and participation in this Alliance honors the rest of us as we hope to honor them.

Our Mission

To keep all those in CT's Mystic River Watershed safe and flourishing during this period of intensifying climate change, we will:

1. Improve equity and community resilience by expanding citizen participation in decision making and stewardship;

2. Improve the quality of water and habitats and nourish ecological health;

3. Inform and coordinate efforts to reduce risks from climate change impacts;

4. Advocate for climate-smart development and healthy, thriving communities;

5. Promote youth well-being and school involvement through  stewardship, citizen science and civic engagement.

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Map of the Mystic River Watershed

Click on the map to see what we've been up to:

219 visits to count alewife
7 educational gatherings,
15 water monitoring sites,
Watershed Planners' Convenings, and
100s of people and more than 30 organizations, 4 towns and 2 Tribal Nations connected by care for the waters we love...

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