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Second Gathering Focused on Floods and Wetlands

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Our Second Gathering on June 24 found us welcomed by the Old Mystic United Methodist Church and also by the wetland at the foot of Quoketaug Hill. Barbara Fontanella read out a statement from the 2016 United Methodist Book of Discipline about our responsibility to care for the rest of the natural world and attendees both viewed the video below and learned about why wetlands are important during flooding events.

VIDEO: Remembering the 2010 Flood

Our second gathering highlighted storm events, flooding, and the importance of landscapes that help protect us. We remembered the impact of the rains on March 30, 2010, in the Mystic River Watershed in this short video compiled by Board Member Betsy Graham.

It was another cold and rainy day that marked the end of a series of storm events that began on March 10, 2010. These storms brought heavy rain and flooding to New England, and on that day, it was our turn; Southeast CT received over 5 inches of rain within 24 hours. The already saturated surfaces could not absorb the water, causing floods that caused damage to dams, bridges, roads, homes, and businesses. We used to consider a 100-year storm a rare event, but now, due to climatic changes, we know that storms like this one are increasing in frequency and intensity.

To improve our climate and prepare our region for unpredictable changes, we must take individual, local, regional, and national action. We must address issues such as stormwater runoff and decrease our reliance on carbon-emitting fuel sources by utilizing more green resources. While convenience and laziness may hinder progress, change starts with the people's will. Join us in taking action today to shape a better future.

Community leaders like CT Rep. Aundré Bumgardner are critical to our ability to progress. We thank him for sharing the below photos he took at the event and for promoting the Alliance in his newsletter!

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